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2014 April Fool's Winners.


Luke Kollias, Open Singles

Tiffany Nieman, Ladies Singles

Left Photo: Luke Kollias, Open Singles Winner. Middle Photo: Nick Balla, Runner-up
Right photo is Ladies Winner Tiffany Neiman with runner-up Sarah Tomanek.


Doubles Winners:


Doubles Winners are Matt Pagel and Luke Kollias.

What's with all the fingering? Gang signs I suppose?

We hope you all return to
the next April Fool's Event
at the Harbor Inn Café
Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Just remember,
"It's all about the Trophy!"
"Is your name on it?"


Don't stare at it!


Yuo'll have a psychedelic experience. It could be yuor moment?
See for yourself at the HARBOR INN CAFÉ (In the Flats), Cleveland, Ohio.

This will be our 26th tournament since 1974

"It's all about
the Trophy"


"Is your name on it?"


1974 Don Hansford
1975 Dan Wolpaw
1976 Mike Stroup
1977 George Silberzahn
1978 George Silberzahn
1979 Rich Varga
1980 Jack Dore
1981 Keith Walker
1982 Ed Sanchez, Jr.
1983 Ed Sanchez, Jr.
1984-1999 No Tournaments
2000 Gary Mawson
2001 Kevin Moncrief
2002 Ray Skrovan
2003 Ray Skrovan
2004 Gary Kidd
2005 Ray Skrovan
2006 Jeff Inman
2007 Brian Plum
2008 Steve Evangelista
2009 Steve Evangelista
2010 Brian Plum
2011 Luke Kollias
2012 Johnny X. Krecek
2013 Ray Skrovan
2014 Luke Kollias


1974 Eileen Campbell
1975 Rory French
1976 Christine Nielson
1977 Eileen Campbell
1978 Joyce Money
1979 Christine Nielson
1980 Christine Nielson
1981 Mari Oboczky
1982 Kathie Garmon
1983 * ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1984-1999 No Tournaments
2000 Chantel Webb
2001 Beverly O’Boyle
2002 Kathleen Mazur
2003 Karen Kus
2004 Jacquie Glatzer
2005 Jennifer Ehlert
2006 Rhonda Newcomer
2007 Beverly O'Boyle
2008 Beverly O'Boyle
2009 Rhonda Boyko
2010 Rhonda Boyko
2011 Rhonda Kollias
2012 Bridget Schantz
2013 Becky Denman
2014 Tiffany Neiman


The Harbor Inn Cafe's April Fools’ Day Double Elimination Dart Tournament (AFT) has estab- lished itself as the ”look for” dart tournament in the Cleveland area since 1974. • Ray Skrovan has won Open Singles in four different years as well as Rhonda Kolias (Newman / Boyko) has won four years in the Ladies. 2014 winners: Luke Kollias Open Singles and Ladies Singles, Tiffany Neiman. Some excellent darts where played and it's your participation that makes the AFT a success. We hope you’ll take part in next years AFT Saturday, April 4, 2015 and join in the fun. • Last year we were happy to see some of the "old timers" of the tournament. Hopefully we'll see more of our old friends this year. • The AFT began in 1974 when Tom Yurcich, Steve Farkas, Jim Wolan and Ernie Peto* were having lunch at the Harbor Inn Cafe with owner Wally Pisorn when Wally said, “I want to have another dart tournament, even though I lost money on a tourney last year.” Immediately Tom said, "You've got to be foolin'."  Then Steve said, "That's it! April Fools' Day!  We can have it on April Fools' Day." Jim, as observant as usual, mentioned that April Fools' Day doesn't always fall on the weekend, and that weekends are the time to have a dart tournament, "not on Wednesday afternoons, you fool you."  Then Steve deduced that's why it's a cool idea, "We'll use April Fools' as a promotional gimmick, like ‘Dart Extravaganza,’ a memorable name." Thus a tradition was born: The April Fools' Day Dart Tournament will be held usually on the Saturday closest to April First. After careful thought and preparation it fell into place. Have a 301 open singles and 301 ladies singles (both double elimination, a test of will, dart skill and fortitude). • A large trophy was purchased and the winners' names engraved on the face plates as a permanent record to be kept at the Harbor Inn on display for all visitors to see 'til the end of time. An added twist is, any person winning singles in their category with 16 or more players for three years in a row can take the trophy home (although we would hope that this talented person would leave the trophy at the Harbor Inn for all to enjoy). • The original trophy is still missing. However Wally Pisorn replaced it eleven years ago with a great looking trophy that is on display at the Harbor Inn with all the names in place. • This will be our thirteenth year back after a 16-year hiatus. • Reason for the layoff: the organizers got tired of running the damn thing. • Now you can become part of the Harbor Inn April Fool Day Tournament history.

This annual event will be held on the
first Saturday in April
when there is no conflict with Easter week

The next tournament will be
on Saturday, April 4th, 2015.

Anyone winning singles three year's in a
row with 16 or more players wins the
trophy to take home.

Hope to see all of you
at the Harbor Inn Café
Saturday, April 4th,
April Foo'ls Day,
for the 26th April Fool's
Day Tournament.

"It's all about the trophy"

Oldest steel dart bar tournament
in the USofA, believe it!


Harbor Inn Cafe
Home for the CDC Hall of Fame
1219 Main Avenue, "In the Flats", Cleveland, Ohio 44115


If you have a team that would like to play in the Cleveland Darter Club
league call or talk to Wally, day hours or Adrienne, night manager, at the Harbor.
You and your teams are welcome.
CDC team league fees paid by the Harbor Inn.


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